What tech brings to healthcare in Africa and beyond

Escalating costs across the spectrum of care are driving the need for healthcare providers to be more efficient, absorb increased healthcare funding risk and implement more effective and sustainable models of care. Information management and communication technologies have the potential to drive efficiencies, mitigate risks and enable new profitable models of care. However, there are a number of opposing forces at work and adoption of enterprise technology in healthcare has been poor globally and in South Africa.

The global as well as local trend towards value-based healthcare is forcing providers of care, both individuals and enterprises, to be more accountable for successful outcomes while at the same time containing costs.

Technology will play a defining role in enabling this trend. Communication of information is pivotal to the coordination, delivery and measurement of value-based care.

Role-players within the healthcare sector that embrace it, will reap the benefits of cost reductions, better management of risk, improved efficiencies and more satisfied customers.

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