Webinar: Mental Health and Functionality in the Workplace


A sincere thank you on behalf of Signapps™ and the panel for registering for and attending our Webinar on Mental Health and Functional Rehabilitation yesterday.

Over 60 people attended with participants representing a broad cross section of the industry including Medical Schemes, Administrators of Schemes, Managed Care Organisations, Insurers, Employers and Providers.

In the short time available we hope that we were able to convey some specialist insight into systemic obstacles to the prevention of Mental Health relapse and that these insights will be practically useful to you in shaping your organisational strategies in this important area of care.

The CoVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of digital healthcare services and data to deliver better healthcare outcomes more efficiently. Signapps is a suite of patient centric care coordination tools, an enabler and only one piece of the puzzle.

We are actively looking to engage service providers in the industry to put our technology and the expertise of our team to work.

As such I would be grateful if you would reach out to me (and/or the team on the panel) to engage in further discussions around how we can play a role in initiatives you are pursuing or wish to pursue in this important gap in Mental Health Care.

Please find here the presentation shared and contact details of the panel team below.

Andrew Davies: andrew@getsignapps.com or 0823776688
Biano Hobson: biano@getsignapps.com
Prof Christoffel Grobler: dr.stof@mweb.co.za
Lauren Davis: lauren@laurendavis.co.za
Leandri Hattingh: leandri.hattingh@gmail.com
Megan Townshend: megan@stot.co.za
Janine Schoeman: janine@stot.co.za

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