Digital Innovation reduces length of stay for complex rehabilitation by up to 33%

Spescare partnered with Signapps to digitally transform its operations and has found that the average length of hospital stays was 19% less than the National Hospital Network benchmarks for complex physical rehabilitation patients (across 14 out of 16 specialities).

Major areas which outperformed benchmarks were stroke, complex cardiac disorders, brain injuries and musculoskeletal / spinal disorders which boasted a reduction in the length of stay of over 33%.

The Situation

Spescare is a sub-acute private hospital network that specialises in complex rehabilitation services, and it treats around 4000 patients every year across 7 facilities.  Spescare customises treatment to the patient’s specific needs and a critical aspect of the company approach is a highly skilled, multi-disciplinary team.  The organisation was predominantly using paper-based systems for communication and coordination.

The Impact

Signapps was initially resisted by busy staff that were comfortable with the paper-based systems who recognised the value of making communications compliant but felt they didn’t have time to change.  A critical step that dramatically accelerated change was the integration into their Patient Admission System, Spescare CEO Dries Kok said: “Creating a mobile patient record was a game-changer for the team that made Signapps essential because now their patient data was in their pocket”.

As the costs and consequences associated to Rehabilitating complex patients are significant, Spescare had a huge administrative burden on its staff with on average around 20 form-based reports being completed per patient during an average stay of 3 weeks.  Signapps gave Spescare the ability to design their own digital forms, meaning that the large number of paper-based processes could be simplified, integrated, and shared easily with key patient care partners.  Spescare estimates this saved an astonishing 63% of the time taken to complete and share paperwork, which equated to one FTE per Spescare site.

Spescare is driving towards a vision of interdisciplinary team working and identified that the Signapps platform is helping to drive the change.  The ability to refer, assess and advise on patients dynamically has led to faster information sharing, helping junior and senior members alike.  Allied Health Professionals have identified benefits collaborating with the treating physician, Ruth McClaren said

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