Behind The Mask – When Tech And Humanity Meet

When we eventually look back on 2020, any guesses which word will be selected by the Collins English Dictionary to be their renowned “Word of the Year.” Chances are 2020’s will be “distancing.”

“Distancing” says it all. CoVID-19 has shaped most of our behaviours – we work remotely, social gatherings are prohibited, travel is curtailed, and live entertainment has effectively stopped. Face masks restrict empathy and expression.

I am a technologist at heart. Our business is centred on it. The notion of mobility and distancing is built into the fabric of the Signapps care co-ordination platform. In the context of the Coronavirus pandemic, Signapps enables patient care at safe quarters.

We have seen significant uptake and engagement in CoVID-19 isolation wards for these reasons. Members of a health care team can provide patient input remotely, share patient data and collectively make decisions without necessarily meeting face-to-face.

In private hospitals Signapps has proven to be most effective when our messaging solution is integrated with existing provider systems – Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s). While in State hospitals it is typically used as a standalone collaboration solution.

In the context of CoVID-19 we are also innovating around how we can use our solution to build bridges between Public and Private Healthcare.

This is good for everyone: good for the healthcare provider because fewer of them need to interface with the patient, and good for the patient because better clinical decisions can be taken more efficiently. This is distancing where it’s needed most – at the front line.

And where saving lives is top of mind throughout this pandemic, it also underscores how important technology has become in fighting the virus and improving outcomes for healthcare workers and patients alike.

Signapps has multiple applications. It is currently used by oncologists and hospice workers to bring sorely needed comfort for patients in palliative care. The Children’s Burns Unit at Baragwanath has implemented the platform with life saving results, while the Stroke Unit at the Life Healthcare Group of Hospitals is using the platform with the objectives of shortening the critical “door to needle” time for stroke sufferers and facilitate more coordinated rehabilitation resulting in better patient recovery.

Yet while the pandemic has brought with it the inevitable “distancing”, as a tech business that works at the very heart of patient care, our excellence lies not in the features, integrations, simplicity and ease of use – important as they are. Excellence is rather the synchronicity of the human touch – knowing that what we build and innovate, results in a better outcome for the people involved. That’s a game changer for us and a life changer for our users and benefactors.

We need to move out, metaphorically, from behind the mask.

Andrew Davies
CEO – Healthcent Pty Ltd t/a Signapps

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