Integrated Care Simplified

Enabling Health and Social Care Teams to transform the delivery of care for complex patients

Signapps is a mobile integrated Care Coordination product that enables Health and Social Care teams to transform outcomes for people with complex conditions by making it simple and efficient to deliver multidisciplinary care


Empower high performing care teams

Optimise utilisation costs

Up to a 40% reduction in length of stay of a patient in hospital and lower readmission rates

Reduce paperwork

60% reduction in time spent by care teams reporting on patient progress

Improve patient outcomes

Harness benchmark data to track progress against defined goals for patients

Remove barriers to multidisciplinary care

Scale your care team across organisations and geographies by virtualising integrated care


An agile care coordination platform

Transform communication between your team

Secure, patient centered, clinical chat with all of the features you are familiar with in a messaging application such as file, image, and contact sharing. The Signapps chat feature is tightly integrated to our workflow, data gathering and patient tracking tools to amplify the impact of collaboration between teams.


Mobilise patient context

A mobile patient record designed to securely integrate to Electronic Health Record systems, providing your team(s) with a real time mobile view of patient data, wherever they are.

Focus on patients not paperwork

Collaborative digital forms used by teams to capture data* in care pathways from any mobile device. Form templates can be created by anyone on your team on a self service basis in minutes.

* Data generated in forms can be automatically pushed to your Electronic Health Record System


Simplify integrated care coordination

Simple, familiar and collaborative workflow tools to coordinate and measure the execution of clinical and administrative processes, enabling teams to deliver the highest quality of care. Forms and checklists can be designed by anyone on your team on an entirely self service basis - no code required.

Harness data and insights to respond to patient needs in real time

Goal driven patient outcome tracking using customisable visualisation technology

Our customers’ needs vary and our solutions are modular enabling you to choose capabilities relevant to your care setting and to suit your budget

We serve Health and Social Care organisations and professionals that deliver multidisciplinary care to complex patients


Social and Domiciliary Care Providers


General Practitioners
Allied Professionals
Nurses and Carers
Case Managers

Proven benefits in these care settings


Social and Domiciliary Care Providers

Signapps transforms the way multidisciplinary teams deliver care in less than a month